Mercedes La Rosa | AM x Ford Motor Co. Branded Content Videos
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Production, Video
About This Project

I wanted to break the convention of creating run-of-the-mill product videos and create a different approach to covering product launches that made best use of material Ford afforded me.  I was interested in developing and producing videos that interested AM’s readership (self-improvement) and established a more meaningful way for Ford to connect with it. The idea of having top-level figures of the company give advice on diverse subjects was my proposal that led to landing exclusive interviews with Alan Mulally, Mark Fields, Jim Farley and Scott Belsky. This began a new approach for developing branded content (a new concept at the time) for AM and a new format for self-improvement videos for the website.


Following the success of the Ford branded-content videos, I was invited by BMW to apply a similar approach with the launch of the BMWi series by interviewing Benoit Jacob (Head of Design), Adrian van Hooydonk (SVP) and Erwan Bouroullec in an effort to introduce and emphasize the role of design in its development to the AM viewership.